The Equal Conversation Kit

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The Challenge:

How can we communicate agelessness? We need to become age blind to see people as who they are rather than their age to develop a common respect. We cant be talking about ‘back in my day…’, instead we must think about today being our day, that we of 2 ages share.

The Idea:

The idea came about through thinking about how we can shift the kinds of conversations that currently happen everywhere between all ages of people and how this could be shifted in order to create ageless conversation.

Inside the kit there would be a pack of cards to help instigate conversations about subjects common to everyone or shared interests such as NHS, Play, Housing, Art, Finance and Parks. On the cards would be questions to help us carry out these new conversations. The kit could exist around the dinner table, at a workplace or during consultations.

By changing the subjects we choose to talk to people (of all ages) about and our approach to them (an equal one) we would challenge the ways that intergenerational communications can happen, thus leading towards an ageless society. 

Let us know what you think of this idea by rating it! To read more about the Equal Conversation Kit click here

3 Responses to The Equal Conversation Kit

  1. natalie

    This is a good idea, but on the other hand, I personally do appreciate the different perspective people of various ages can bring to a discussion. It is all about the balance, however. Learning from the older and getting a fresh view from the younger is still invaluable.
    I would rather like to develop an idea of respecting, being proud of, appreciating one’s age and experience. But thank you for bringing attention to the topic.


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